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Latest High Resolution Elevation Data Updates

As high resolution elevation data becomes increasingly available through the USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP), we regularly make updates to our elevation dataset so that it reflects the best data out there. We recently added high resolution elevation data for some new areas that we are pretty excited to show off. No matter how many […]

We’re Hiring a Customer Support Specialist

Update 5/6: Wow! We are blown away by all the interest in the position. We are moving forward with an awesome group of candidates and aren’t going to be accepting more applications at this point- thanks for all the interest and support! Caltopo is hiring again! We are looking for a new customer support specialist […]

Live Tracks for inReach, APRS, ADS-B and more

You can now record permanent live tracks for inReach, APRS, ADS-B aircraft, and custom integrations directly to your CalTopo map! One of the most powerful features of CalTopo is the ability to share and track location alongside all your other mapping data. Previously you could only display the most recent location updates along with a […]

CalTopo Adventure Grant is open!

Whether it begins with a spot on a map that piques your curiosity or a photograph that you can’t get off your mind, exploration is all about pursuing what inspires you. Through our interactions with users, we’ve seen that you all use CalTopo for some pretty imaginative and memorable endeavors and we’d like to help […]

Winter Travel Series #2: Planning Your Route

This is a 5-part weekly series covering our favorite CalTopo layers and tools for planning winter backcountry travel. Each week we will dive into a different stage in the process, from learning about the terrain to actually heading out into the backcountry with the mobile app. We will largely be focusing on the web app […]