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Summer Wildfires

Note: This post was updated on 9/11/20 to include information about the GOES Live Fire Layer as well as the GOES Live Satellite Imagery. We also attempted to address some of the most frequent questions we’ve gotten over the last few weeks in our help forums. With the increase in wildfires across the Western US […]

Beta Testers

As our app has evolved we are moving away from the our mass beta test and into a more stable update cycle! What does this mean to our users? More regular, stable, incremental releases with features and bug fixes as well as a much more polished app than 1 year ago. It also means that […]

Introducing Map Sheets

Today we’re taking a major step forward with improved support for local data that doesn’t fit well into our nationwide layers. We are calling this feature “Map Sheets” and it replaces the former Geospatial Images option with a lot of improvements. Map sheets are any geospatial image that can be referenced and placed on a […]

SARTopo Training Opportunities

As many SAR teams are using online and remote trainings to maintain physical distancing, CalTopo is offering a free, 2-hour SARTopo webinar training. This training is designed to help search and rescue personnel get started using SARtopo to create effective maps for planning and executing missions. Specifically the training will cover the following items: 1. […]

Parcel Data

We’ve made a few changes to map layers including a major new addition! We’ve added a parcel overlay for the US. This data set contains property boundaries and addresses (left image) for a majority of the US, and ownership information (right image) for many of those properties as well. This new overlay is live now […]

CalTopo is Hiring!

Update 2/28: We’re thrilled by all the interest in the position. We are moving forward with an awesome group of candidates and aren’t going to be accepting more applications at this point! Thanks for all the interest and support! It’s come time for CalTopo to grow once again! We are hiring a Training and Customer […]

High Resolution Elevation Data

  CalTopo first launched the slope angle shading layer 7 years ago. Since then it has become a mainstay tool for backcountry trip planning. Today we’re updating the layer to incorporate high-resolution LIDAR data from the USGS’s 3DEP program. Where available (see coverage map), this provides significantly higher resolution, even allowing you to identify trails […]

New Website and Blog

Welcome to the new CalTopo website! We’ve created this website that supplements the core mapping product with additional information and resources. Our focus of the new site is informing customers more about CalTopo as a company, the subscription offerings and the differences between them and costs, as well as highlighting some of the unique features. […]

Motor Vehicle Layer

A brand new Motor Vehicle Use Map layer (MVUM) is now live on the site. This incorporates national BLM and USFS data sets to provide a single streamlined layer for offroad drivers and overlanders to utilize. This was a commonly requested layer and we’re happy to have it live! A bunch of random notes on […]

Optimizations to Subscriptions

We have been hard at work making the CalTopo Android and iOS apps a better experience. We recognize many of you haven’t had a chance to try out the app yet, but based on feedback from our current beta testers, it’s clear that using a data quota for mobile downloads is confusing. With that in mind […]